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Welcome to play on TrifectaMC!

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What we offer


1:500 scale map of Pangea with all continents, ores and different biomes. You can explore this world and more with our new solar system additions featuring worlds like Mars and Venus.


Creating a town is as easy as pressing a few buttons but maintaining one is for the strong. Using the Commands button here you can see a full list of commands. Click on Towny above to get a more in-depth understanding.


The Economy will be based upon payer interactions and farming. Server money will be a bit challenging to come across but will be rewarding.


We are a client focused server responding to our player base and will make changes if the community sees fit for a change in our poll channel. Please join the discord if you have not using this link here. Discord Link

Wikis and Lore Links

Pages of the website to help understand the server better and play with the best of the best!

Other Features

New planets to explore

Discord chat in-game