TrifectaMC Towny wiki

Starting and Maintaining a town

To begin a town simply execute the command /t new (name) of the town you desire and it will create a chunk claim where you executed the command. Towny chunks are the same as minecraft chunks being 16x16 blocks and extending from build height to bedrock. There are many layers of owning a town and I will explain the layers below.

Growing and Expanding your town:

Growing or expanding your town is something everyone wants to do to make their claim on the map larger and more appealing to new players who they think would join them. To expand your town invite new members by executing the /t invite (player name) command and they will receive an invitation to join your town. To grow your town you can simply execute the /t claim command in a chunk in the wilderness that is connected to another chunk that you own. You may also buy bonus claims for your town if you wish to expand faster depending on your town level. You must have money in your town bank for this to work however. To learn how to get money proceed to the next section below.

Upkeep and Taxes:

Upkeep is the way the server makes sure that towns that are abandoned are deleted and the land that is claimed can be used by someone else, there are ways to prevent that from happening to your town the easiest being to keep your town small and with a low amount of claims until you can afford more. Money is withdrawn from your town bank at 12:00pm EDT (EST in fall/winter) and is calculated by 10 dollars times the amount of claims you currently have. Money can be made from your towns people by setting taxes and or using the /shop and selling items.

Towny Resources:

Resources is a new addition to towny and works like this. You must preform a survey before you can start collecting resources, to start a survey ensure your town has 10 claim blocks and then preform the command /tr survey. When that is done you will start collecting resources and you may use the /tr townycollect command to receive those resources once per day. As your expand your town you may collect more resources and at higher rates here is the chart currently:

Each Survey discovers a resource of a new level and type:

    • Survey 1: Reveals Level 1 Resource. Cost 250. Minimum num townblocks 10.

    • Survey 2: Reveals Level 2 Resource. Cost 1000. Minimum num townblocks 50.

    • Survey 3: Reveals Level 3 Resource. Cost 5000. Minumum num townblocks 100.

    • Survey 4: Reveals Level 4 Resource. Cost 20000. Minimum num townblocks 200.

Sieges and Entering Politics:

If you have made it to this section of the town you are ready to get on the national stage and begin to achieve your galactic ambitions. However there is a few things to note before starting your journey. To make a nation the cost is 5000 dollars upfront with an upkeep of 100 dollars a day times your claims, this is to prevent small towns who are not ready from forming a nation and crippling themselves. If you can take that then you will move on to making your town non peaceful. Each town starts as peaceful but you must turn it off to be a nation and that means you can be attacked by other nations. If you are ready for that the command the process to turn into a non peaceful town takes 4 days irl and can be canceled at any time if you decide you are not ready. This is to encourage towns to think about their decisions. The siege timer determines when you can begin a siege on a town and one can be done on you, they will last three days and will be more in depth in the siege section.

Starting and Maintaining a Nation

To begin a nation your town first must be non peaceful as described in the previous section, if your town is peaceful wait the allotted time or request a staff member to change you to non peaceful (they will not make you peaceful). Once that is done proceed with the steps down below. Once that step is complete you may execute the command /n new (name).

Growing and Expanding your Nation:

Growing and Expanding your nation is the same as growing a town but it a much different way as you will have to make sure that your home-block or nation capitol is within 125 chunks or 2000 blocks away from the home block of the town you wish to add to your nation. If that town is too far away it cannot join your nation. If you wish to expand diplomatically then you can only have 2 allied nations this is to prevent super alliances that dominate the world. This does allow for small corners of the map to be controlled but not forever.

Upkeep and Taxes:

Like town upkeep nation upkeep is similar in how it works but its formula looks like this: 100Xall claims. Which means if you have alot of towns your nation becomes more expensive to own. However you may tax towns for their share of the upkeep each day to prevent falling.

Sieges and Results:

Sieges are how wars are waged in the server and there is a process in starting them and how to win them. First pay attention to the bar on the top of your screen it will tell you how long you have in your battle session to begin an attack and if not then you must wait until the next session begins. When beginning a siege you must pay 20 dollars per claim the town has and double if this the capitol of the nation. If you succeed in this siege you will get 40 dollars X the amount of claims the town has from their town bank. To begin a siege place a banner of any color besides a plain white banner, placing that is a sign of surrender and will end the siege. Making sure a siege is successful is as easy as standing at the banner until the server tells you that you have control of the banner and can begin to earn points for your nation the rate is 10 points every 20 seconds. If you die in a siege 150 points will be added to the other teams score and if the home block is reached then 250 points will be awarded to the attacking team so protect it. If you lose a siege than you can become occupied by the nation that won and plundered. Occupation means that you are now their color on the map but still in control of your nation, however half the resources your town produces now goes to the occupying nation giving them a reason to stay. You can revolt against the siege or another town from your nation may siege to liberate you.

Further Questions

If you have any further questions about towny or how sieges or resources work then please ask in the discord or refer to these documents for the respected plugins!

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