TrifectaMC Movecraft Wiki

How to Create and Pilot a Movecraft Vehicle.

Purpose of movecraft

Movecraft has 4 general purposes in the game them being:

  1. Transport of cargo/materials

  2. Transport of Players and Exploration

  3. Sieges and Warfare

  4. Quality of Life

Creating a vehicle

  1. Below you will find a list of crafts to pick from with details about them. Choose one and proceed to step 2.

  2. Gather the required materials listed in the Required Materials section below and refer to step 3.

  3. Using the Allowed Block List combined with the required materials you will be able to build your own craft. But keep it away from other allowed blocks or the craft will attempt to connect to those blocks as well.

  4. The final step is to place a sign with the name of the craft, the names for each are listed in the name section below.

Moving a vehicle

To move your vessel you can right-click with a stick in your hand and that will move the craft 1 block forward.

To turn the vessel you can place a sign with [helm] written on it and right-click or perform the /rotate left or /rotate right commands to move the craft automatically use the /cruise command or on a sign with (Cruise: OFF) to turn on and off with a right-click.

To release a vessel and no longer be in control of it type /release or use a sign with (Release) written on it and right-click.

Keep in mind that most vessels will burn fuel so coal or coal blocks are needed to fuel the vehicle.

Protecting a vehicle

To ensure the saftey of your vehicle in your town or the wilderness here are some steps you can take to prevent its theft.

  1. Secure your ship and attach it to the dock with a block or a few to ensure the craft cannot be piloted.

  2. Create a pilot sign by typing (Pilot:) and it will autofill your name on it preventing others from piloting it, but it can be broken.

  3. Place a block that is not on the allowed craft list somewhere near the back of the craft to prevent the movement of the craft.

  4. Keep your craft in claims to prevent blocks being broken

If a craft is stolen it is against the rules and it will be gone.


Sub-craft are crafts that can only be piloted while being part of another craft, those examples being:




Submarine Nukes


To use these craft make a sign above them with the name of the craft like you would a normal craft. To pilot them from afar use a remote sign (Remote sign:)

Movecraft types

Allowed Block List

  • All wooden planks

  • crafting table

  • iron block

  • glass

  • dispenser

  • netherite block

  • stone bricks

  • wall torch

  • note block

  • gold block

  • diamond block

  • lapis block

  • All Beds

  • sticky piston

  • piston head

  • All Wool

  • All Slabs

  • bookshelf

  • torch

  • All Stairs

  • chest

  • All Walls

  • redstone wire

  • furnace

  • All Signs

  • All Terracotta

  • ladder

  • All Doors

  • lever

  • All Pressure Plates

  • redstone torch

  • redstone wall torch

  • All Buttons

  • All Fences

  • All Trap Doors

  • All Concrete

  • netherrack

  • glowstone

  • cake

  • obsidian

  • repeater

  • tinted_glass

  • All Stained Glass

  • All Stained Glass Panes

  • iron bars

  • All Fence Gates

  • enchanting table

  • brewing stand

  • cauldron

  • redstone lamp

  • ender chest

  • polished blackstone

  • polished deepslate

  • deepslate tiles

  • deepslate bricks

  • tripwire hook

  • emerald block

  • beacon

  • flower pot

  • All Heads

  • All Anvils

  • comparator

  • daylight detector

  • redstone block

  • hopper

  • quartz block

  • All Rails

  • dropper

  • slime block

  • All Carpets

  • coal block

  • end stone bricks

  • barrel

  • deepslate

  • copper block

  • All Candles

  • item frame

  • glow item frame

  • lightning rod

  • polished basalt